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Video Testimonials are the best way to gain the trust and prove the validity of your brand! Start creating credible

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Video enhances everything about testimonials that make them effective. Unmatched at communicating Social Proof, Establishing Credibility and Building Trust, Video Testimonials connect with viewers, influencing them on an emotional level.
​- Harry Brockman                 
Professionally Crafted Video Testimonials

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Harry’s knowledge of video marketing is spot on. He understands how to target and fine tune a talent, client or interview subjects motivation. Together we have partnered on the planning, production and publication of over 4000 Law Firm Marketing Videos for our clients.

Gerry Oginski
Founder Lawyers Video Studio


Harry led a talented production team that produced, customized and fulfilled hundreds of seminar marketing campaigns featuring dozens of infomercials for Dynetech and its partner clients. Successful shows that generated over 500,000 sales leads in virtually every significant broadcast market in North America.

Larry Pino
CEO & Founder Dynetech Group

For more than 20 years Harry has been producing TV and video to support the front-end of a wide variety of educational seminar products for my company. Clients in Real Estate, Finance, and Small Business Education benefit from his ability to work with celebrities and students crafting stories and solving problems using video.

Scott Bell
Real Estate Workshops